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What is a Waxing?

Waxing is a form of hair removal. If you have unwanted hair, then let me help you.
Waxing has many positives: it has longer-lasting results, can remove large amounts of body hair, and when you’re repeatedly waxed hair growth begins to slow. Many people struggle to give up their razor, but put waxing versus shaving and waxing will win. For example, with waxing, you can be hair-free for two to eight weeks.
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What to Expect from a Waxing?

There are two methods of waxing: hot waxing and warm waxing.
With warm waxing, – or a strip wax – the wax is applied directly to the skin using a spatula. A cloth strip (or sometimes paper strips) is smoothed over the wax and then removed quickly, removing the wax and hair root from the skin.

Hot waxing uses hot wax applied directly to the skin. The wax is left to cool and harden on the skin. This hard wax is then lifted up and the wax is pulled directly off the skin.

Hot waxing helps to open the pores more before the strips are removed, making it better suited to more sensitive areas. For example, underarms, bikini areas, eyebrows, the upper lip, or those with sensitive skin. The choice between the strip and soft wax or hot wax is up to you.

The Benefits of a Waxing

Finer regrowth

When you shave, you cut off the hair. So when the hair grows back it’s stubbly and itchy. This rough stubble makes the hair regrowth difficult for long periods.

But waxing removes the hair is removed at the follicle. When the hair then does exhibit regrowth, the waxed areas take longer to grow back because a whole new hair needs to form. It become the long-lasting method. This effective method can stop hair growing back at all.


Although there is pain from a waxing appointment, there are many benefits. One of which is that after a while you’ll find yourself looking forward to the appointments. Especially, how smooth you feel, the meticulous process of self-care, the lack of itching, and the glow your skin has from when we exfoliate away the dead skin cells.

Fewer ingrown hairs

The benefits of less shaving mean fewer ingrown hairs. Which is good as they can lead to irritation and a rash on the legs or most areas you’ve shaved. As a professional waxing specialist, I’ll remove any strips in a way that ensures ingrown hairs are avoidable.

Although waxing is a painful process, especially in the bikini area, you’ll find that there are no nicks from shaving, it’s softer when the hair grows back, and you get to enjoy being naked and natural for longer.

If you’re prone to ingrown hairs then let me know.


The prices of this technique will vary depending on your appointment. As a licensed beautician, I typically operate on a 30 minute or one hour schedule for a wax.

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