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What is a Manicure?

A manicure is essentially a beauty treatment of the hands. Your nails will be cut, filed, and shaped. After this, I’ll push your cuticles back and tidy them, if time permits then I’ll also include a hand massage. The final step will be then for to you choose which colour you want for your nails. I have a wide range of gel nail polish.
A manicure may appear to be an unnecessary purchase, but when you’re after gel polish and are working with a UV light or UV lamp, it’s much safer to leave the procedure up to a professional. This is especially true when you remove gel polish, as the removal process can ruin your natural nails underneath the gel polish manicure.

Gel nails are a perfect solution to those struggling with traditional polishes and are looking for something that last up to two weeks. Additionally, gel manicures also offer a smooth, evenly distributed, glossy finish.

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The Benefits of Getting a Manicure


Manicures with gels help keep your nail plate and nails clean, shape, strong, and bright for weeks. A board certified dermatologist or nail tech in a salon are the only people who should be able to safely remove the gel nail polishes; unless you grab the cotton ball. However, considering how long the gel manicures last for, you should need to worry too often.

Skin problems

If you suffer with dark spots, premature aging, skin cancer, or have any other skin concerns that may impact the hands or nail area (consider also: broken or sore skin), sometimes the colours of gel manicure help lift your spirits slightly. While gel manicures aren’t going to fix any problem, going to the nail salon will make you feel better. The hand massages we use help too!

Improve nail health

Gel polishes can sometimes improve your natural nail and the surrounding skin due to the number of oils, creams, and waxes we use to exfoliate and cleanse your nails and hands.

Tip: Try to give your nails a good clean and remove old nail polish with cotton balls beforehand using a good acetone or remover.

The Different Types of Manicures

I focus primarily on gel manicures, but as a nail technician, I’m also able to do other things:

Traditional manicure
Gel manicure
File & cuticle care (no polish)
Hand & arm massage
An acetone soak
Work with aluminum foil
Work with UV lights

Can gel manicures save nail beds and someone’s sanity? Yes.

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Whether for special occasions or general use, the prices of this technique will vary depending on your appointment. As a licensed beautician, I typically operate on a 30 minute or one hour schedule for a manicure. If you’d like to enquire about this treatment, then please contact me:

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