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What is a Pedicure?

To receive a pedicure from nail salons will help in many ways.
At my salon, we offer a fabulous pedicure where we soak feet in warm water, use a nail file or pumice stone and remove any dead skin present. This will soften the hard and dry skin, and also we use a nail buffer to shave down your toenails. Pedicure techniques can vary from type of polish to massage so make sure you disclose what you like and want. That way I’ll know which tools to use, which exfoliation practice to follow, and be able to remove dead skin that may be bothering you.

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What to Expect from a Pedicure?

The first step in a regular pedicure begins with a therapeutic foot bath or spa. For at least five minutes, your feet are soaked and cleansed in scented water. This softens the skin and makes it easier for any buffing and to pamper you.
Next, I typically use an exfoliating rub that removes dead skin, if you suffer with a fungal infection, don’t worry. Just make it clear to me before we start our session. I always make sure I clean my areas to protect other customers.

After that, I typically work on the toes, the cuticles, the length, and the shape. All you need to do is sit back and chill out. For an extra fee, I will also work on your fingers and offer a manicure.

As I run a nail salon and beauty parlour, I typically end the pedicures with a high-quality nail polish. Of course, you can pick whether it is something simple like a clear base coat or something more elaborate.

Make sure you wear flip-flops, you wouldn’t want to ruin your pedicure by putting shoes on straight after, would you?

The Benefits of a Pedicure

Support chiropody

if you suffer from corns, calluses, or cracked soles, a regular pedicure may help you with these problems.

Help your posture

as your pedicurist, it’s my job to make sure you walk away with better feet. And if you do, a sign of this will be your posture.


many techniques are combined with pedicures for maximum relax time. These treatments are essential for a ‘walking on air’ type feeling.

Cosmetic treatment

to many, this is a regular treatment to receive. Many views a pedicure as a protective barrier between their feet and the outside world.

The Different Types of Pedicure

Depending on the nail technicians style, the pedicures people can receive are wide and varied. I think options are important for anyone experiencing a pedicure, so I try to offer a wide selection of techniques and styles. For example:

Regular pedicures
Gel polishes
Callous removal
Nail trimming
French pedicure
Cuticals trimmed
Exfoliating scrub
A way to safely treat ingrown toenails
Foot and leg massage

Who are Pedicures is for?

Honestly, if you’re someone who enjoys beauty, may have a problem foot, or just want to relax and take the pressure of their legs, then this is for you.


The prices of this technique will vary depending on your appointment.
As a licensed nail technician, I typically operate on a 30 minute or one hour schedule for a pedicure.

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